Why we grill and you chill
cooks at grill in Palavrion Zürich

The name “Palavrion” comes from the German word “palavern” – to chat and hang out together. We want you to feel like you’re firing up the grill at home with friends. Whether meat, fish or vegetables – it always tastes twice as good straight from the grill. We deliver only the best-quality and freshest ingredients to your plate. Raise a glass, chat, party and enjoy.

Palavrion has a history

The name “Palavrion” is a homage to our past. Our first restaurant in Zurich was always a place to meet and eat well.

vegetables flame-grilled

Flame-grilled variety

Meat, fish or vegetables – everything tastes better straight from the grill. There is something for every taste.

Meat is our daily bread

Not excessive – mindful. Not expensive – fair. You’ll only find the tenderest, juiciest meat here, because we love quality and all things artisanal.

A drop of fine wine

We have a nose for the perfect fine wines, from dry to fruity, and serve a top-quality selection from Mövenpick Wine – cheers!

big flames

Flame-grilling for that authentic grill flavour

vegetables flame-grilled

Grilled vegetables with a Mediterranean touch – smells so good!

The tenderest beef steak there is!

chicken breast

The juiciest chicken breast in the airport – tender on the inside, crispy on the outside.


Perfect with a nice glass of wine, a delicious cocktail or a homemade lemonade.


Attention to detail: Stylish ambiance for your comfort

Dinner with friends

Eat like at home with friends.


Internationally on the move with Swiss roots

Palavrion Grill & Bar is a Marché International brand. This globally active gastronomy company develops innovative gastronomy solutions and runs operations on highways, airports and in selected city locations. The company with Swiss roots stands for freshness and quality - and does so in eleven countries on three continents.

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